Teagan | 22 | CT
• Graphic Artist
• Video Games / Anime
• Heavy Metal / Rock

There is one huge negative to being healthy.

On the rare days where you want to treat yourself with a yummy pastry.. Your stomach wants to KILL you for eating it.

It’s not even a treat anymore. It’s a huge smack in the face like, “this is why we don’t eat crap anymore”. I have massive belly boo boos. It’s nice because at least I’m learning how to treat myself with healthy alternatives instead of nasty sugar and processed crap.

I’m dying right now.

Whatever happens to your body, your soul will survive, untouched…”   

(Source: peetaeverlark, via sixfeetundermyfarts)

Designing web buttons, landing pages, and animating flash banners.

Honestly, when I was 13 years old and I first started doing this stuff, I never ever thought I could do it as a career. This is something I’ve done as a hobby since I was a young teen. It makes me so incredibly happy to be doing something I know best and most of all-

what I’m most passionate about.


I put way too much orajel in my mouth and it’s so numb right now.

Someone should slap my in the face right meow.

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